How to download the data?

  1. Fill the registration form here.
  2. After registration, you will be allowed to download:
    • Training Set (16 patients): DICOM images + a list of images to be segmented + manually segmented epicardium and endocardium contours, at ED and ES phases.
    • Test1 + Test2 Sets (32 patients): DICOM images  + a list of images to be segmented. No manual contours are provided.  In order to get your results, you may send an email to Caroline Petitjean, attached with the segmentation results of endocardium and epicardium, or endocardium only. Within a few days, full details of the method’s performance analysis will be sent back to you.
Images and contour formats are described in this document. For all datasets: ED and ES phases are already defined, as well as basal and apical slices.
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