Discrete Structures Days

 Discrete Structures Days

For the second time, the mathematics and computer science laboratories of Normandy organize a meeting on discrete structures  from September 27 to 29, 2017.

Discrete structures play a central role at the interface between mathematics and computer science. This conference aims to highlight the diversity of approaches and methods, with lectures that are accessible to mathematicians and computer scientists. 

- Combinatorics (algebraic, enumerative, physical, analytic ...)
- Quantum information
- Theory of languages, automata and text algorithms
- Alea and algorithms: discrete random structures and algorithm analysis
- Discrete geometric structures and stochastic geometry
- Discrete dynamic systems and cellular automata

Speakers :

Hacène Belbachir (USTHB-Alger)
Philippe Duchon (LaBRI-Bordeaux)
Samuele Giraudo (IGM-Paris-Est)
Jean-Baptiste Gouéré (LMTP-Tours)
Bernard Leclerc (LMNO-Caen)
Arnaud Lefebvre (LITIS-Rouen)
Sylvain Lombardy (LaBRI-Bordeaux)
Loick Lhote (GREYC-Caen)
Irène Marcovici (IEC-Nancy)
Alejandro Maass (University of Chile)
Jean-Francois Marckert (LaBRI-Bordeaux)
Dieter Mitsche (L. Dieudonné-Nice)
Frédéric Paccaut (LAMFA-Amiens)
Viviane Pons (LRI-Paris-Sud)
Elena Pribavkina (IMCS-Ekaterinburg)


Scientific Commitee

Emmanuel Briand (Seville) http://emmanuel.jean.briand.free.fr/

Emilie Charlier (Liège) http://www.discmath.ulg.ac.be/charlier/

Elise Janvresse (Amiens) http://www.lamfa.u-picardie.fr/janvresse/

Tobias Müller (Utrecht) https://www.staff.science.uu.nl/~muell001/

Steering committee

Jean-Baptiste BARDET (LMRS, Univ. Rouen, FNM)

Pierre CALKA (LMRS, Univ. Rouen, FNM)

Pascal CARON (LITIS, Univ. Rouen, NormaSTIC)

Marianne FLOURET (LITIS, Univ. Le Havre, NormaSTIC)

Jean-Gabriel LUQUE (LITIS, Univ. Rouen, NormaSTIC)

Thierry de la RUE (LMRS, Univ. Rouen, FNM)n

Brigitte Vallée (GREYC, Univ-Caen, NormaSTIC)


Slides of the talks


To register, send an e-mail to Jean-Gabriel Luque (LITIS) or Jean-Baptiste Bardet (LMRS).

To help us organize lunch, please fill out the  form at


Meetings will be held at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques at the University of Rouen.

From the center of Rouen, take the metro towards the Technopôle du Madrillet (Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray). Get off at the terminus. It takes 35 to 40 minutes to get there.

To reach Rouen:

By train. Rouen is 1h15 from Paris (Saint-Lazare station).

By car. Rouen is located 130km north-west of Paris. The site  « Technopôle du Madrillet » (Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray)  is easily accessible from the A13 motorway.


Here is a list of hotels located near the train station or downtown.
You can consult the website of the tourist office, heading Hotels and accommodation, for other suggestions.

Hôtel Astrid : 11, Place Bernard Tissot 76000 Rouen Tél : Fax : hotel-astrid@orange.fr

Hôtel Bonaparte** : 3 rue Jean Lecanuet 76000 Rouen Tél : 33(0)2 35
07 77 07 – Fax : 33(0)2 35 70 04 67 hotelbonaparterouen@gmail.com

Hôtel Andersen : 2 bis, 4 rue Pouchet 76000 Rouen Tél : Fax : hotelandersen@free.fr

Hôtel de Quebec** : 18 à 24 rue de Québec 76000 Rouen Tel Fax

Hôtel Cardinal** : 1 place de la Cathédrale 76000 Rouen Tel : Fax : Tel :

Inter Hôtel Notre Dame*** : 4, rue de la savonnerie 76 000 RouenTel Fax (0)2 35 89 31 52 hotel-notredame@wanadoo.fr

Hôtel de Dieppe*** : Place Bernard Tissot 76000 Rouen Tél : Fax : hotel.dieppe@hoteldedieppe.fr

Hôtel orand** : 1 rue Morand 76000 Rouen Tél : Fax :

Le vieux Carré : 34 rue Ganterie 76000 Rouen Tél
Fax vieux-carre@mcom.fr

Le Sisley : 51 Rue Jean Lecanuet 76000 Rouen Tél 02 35 71 10 07

Hôtel Des Arcades : 52 Rue Des Carmes 76000 Rouen Tél : Fax : hotel_des_arcades@yahoo.fr

Hôtel de la Cathédrale** : 12 rue Saint Romain 76000 Rouen Tél : Fax :

Hôtel de Paris** : 12-14 rue de la Champmeslé 76000 Rouen Tél : Fax :

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