MR images and contours data

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In return, you will get passwords to unlock the password protected archives below.

 Training data:

  • TrainingSet.rar (about 130 MB): DCM images, listing files of image to be segmented, contour files (16 patients, P01 to P16).
  • (about 920 KB): This zip file contains example images (from P01 of the training data) overlaid with the corresponding manual contours. These are intended to help users understand how the manual contour coordinates relate to the image files.
  • RVSCImagesContoursFormat.pdf: This file explains the DCM images and contour file format and naming convention.
  • Please note that although full cycle MR images are provided, manual segmentation is available on ED and ES phases only (hence the contour files are provided only for these images).

 Evaluation code:

Despite great care and conscientious testing, we cannot furnish a guarantee that the evaluation code is completely bug-free.If you notice any bug, please report it to the RVSC organizers.

 Test1 data:

  • Test1Set.rar (about 150 MB): DCM images, listing files of image to be segmented (16 patients, P17 to P32).

Test2 data:

  • Test2Set.rar (about 133 MB): DCM images, listing files of image to be segmented (16 patients, P33 to P48).
Results submission: There are no manual contour files in the and files. In order to obtain the performance of your algorithm, please send your automated contours to the RVSC organizers. You may send us either only endocardium contours, or epi- and endocardium contours, under the form of an archive containing 16 directories (one per patient). Each directory should be named PXXcontours-auto and contain automatic contour files with the same naming convention and the same formatting than the manual contours from the Training set. We thank you for following this formatting, which will allow to speed up the file processing. Within a few days, full details of the method’s performance analysis will be sent back to the participant.
 All zip files are password protected.
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